Who is it for?

Who is it for?

By Steven Bennett

Bloom Cube offers a full suite of tools which is designed to help freelancers, self-employed, start-ups and entrepreneurs work efficiently. 

Regardless of your profession, whether you are a one-man-band or you have a small team, our helpful tools will add value to your workflow and productivity. So if you provide a service which involves project management, invoice/quotation creation, sending contracts, managing appointments and/or the management of leads and clients, then Bloom Cube is the tool for you.

Bloom Cube is a CRM, invoicing and project management platform that saves you time and money by helping you organise your clients, content, jobs and projects in a single location, whilst simplifying the process of creating and distributing your documents.

We offer tips, advice & guides to freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners on how to grow your business

Invoicing and quotations

Say goodbye to time-consuming invoice and quotation creation, lost invoices and cluttered folders on your computer/laptop.

Bloom Cube allows you to keep all of your invoices and quotations in one place and access them anytime on the cloud. You can quickly create invoices and quotations via our intuitive system and send them directly to your client where they can be accessed and downloaded anytime.


Create contracts and send them directly to your clients who can sign and return them instantly. Never lose a contract again or spend time posting or delivering your contracts by hand. Create them online, send them and access them at any time.

Project and Job Management

Improve time management, efficiency and the financial costs of your jobs and projects by creating a detailed plan and schedule. Build your projects from the top-down from an overall project plan down to specific tasks. Track where you are and what needs doing using our task lists, calendars and daily timelines.


Keep track of your clients, contacts and leads with our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. Never double book, miss an appointment or forget to follow up with a lead again.

Our CRM tools allow you to send documents, assign jobs and manage your most valuable assets. Give the best possible service and exceed your client expectations by providing them with what they want, when they want it.

Everything Else

We are constantly adding tools and features to Bloom Cube. All of which will be included in your current subscription. To take advantage of current and future tools sign-up">sign up to Bloom Cube today.

If you are still not sure, try Bloom Cube for FREE. No credit card required.


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