Document Management - Invoice, quotation and contract generator tool

Document Management - Invoice, quotation and contract generator tool

By Steven Bennett

Creating and organising documents such as invoices, contract and quotations can be a task that many shy away from. Clumsy methods like editing a single word processing document and saving it to your computer can lead to errors, loss of documents, duplicate reference numbers and many more frustrating scenarios.

Instead of spending precious time creating and organising invoices, quotations and contracts extra hours can be spent working on the things you love, finding new clients or even spending time with your family.

Spend more time doing what you love

Bloom Cube document management tools help remove these issues, giving you a central point to create, store and send your documents from. Perfect for freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs and the self-employed, Invoices and quotations can be created and accessed anywhere there is an internet connection.

Contract, quotations and invoice generator for freelancers, start-ups & self employed

Once created your documents can be emailed directly to your clients who can then view them through our online portal. This saves you even more time as there is no longer a need to create an email document, write a separate email and attach your PDF invoice (Although you can still do this if you prefer). Removing the "Was there supposed to be an invoice attached to this?" reply forever.

Quotations and invoices can also be set up to issue reminders so that you never miss a follow-up or payment.

If required, all invoices and quotations can also be downloaded as PDF documents and stored locally or printed. On top of this, all invoices and quotations can be branded with your organisations logo.

Quotation, Contract and invoicing system online

Bloom Cube really is the perfect document management tool that is perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and anyone who is self employed. If you would like to try Bloom Cube, you can sign-up">sign up and benefit from our FREE trial period. Just follow this link and get started.

Our document generator and management tool is just one of the many features you have access to when you subscribe to Bloom Cube. Project management, job management, custom workflows and contract tools are also available along with CRM features that can be used to track and schedule important tasks for leads, contacts and clients.

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