Social media calendar and planner

Social media calendar and planner

By Steven Bennett

If you work with social media on a professional level you will know the importance of a well prepared plan and schedule. With our tools you can quickly and easily create an in-depth social media calendar using our task, timeline and calendar tools.

Does a social media calendar really make a difference?

Planning out your social media efforts, rather than posting randomly, can make a huge difference to your success on social media campaigns. Preparation gives you the time to create better quality content and tie your messages in with seasonal trends, events and/or your other content and marketing efforts.

Having a plan and setting aside dedicated time to your social media efforts also increases the chances of you actually posting whilst helping you to develop good posting habits. You can set one off tasks or repeat tasks to suit your own requirements.

Social media planner

Our social media planner takes each of your social tasks and places them within our calendar, day, group and timeline views allowing you to know what it is you need to do at a glance. You can even separate your social media platforms and make each more easily identifiable with colour coding. 

If you are looking for a social media calendar and would like to see how much difference it can make towards your social media efforts you can try our tools today for free. Setting out a plan and forming good social media posting habits is guaranteed to make a difference to your future campaigns. Get started today and find out for yourself.

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