CRM for freelancers and small businesses

CRM for freelancers and small businesses

By Steven Bennett

Turn contacts into customers and keep track of your current customers' needs with our CRM. Purposely built for freelancers, small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs you can improve communications with your customers and know what you need to do for each at a glance.

 As a small Business owner or freelancer do I need to use a CRM?

If you deal with clients or if your business depends on turning leads into customers a CRM is essential. Forming and maintaining good relationships with your customers is paramount for any business. To achieve this effectively a method for organising your communication, relationship and customers requirements needs to be put in place.

A traditional way of doing this is to keep a spreadsheet that quickly gets out of control. THis method may work well initially but can soon get out of hand and become increasingly complicated affecting the efficiency and performance of dealing with leads, customers and clients.

Customisable CRM

It doesn’t matter what kind of profession you work in. Our customisable platform means you can make it work in a way that you want it to. This means that you can benefit from our CRM regardless of if you are a photographer, designer, architect or plumber.

On top of this, our ever expanding tool base means we will constantly add to features and functionality of our CRM at no extra cost to you.

With Bloom Cube your CRM works alongside all of our other business tools meaning all of your contracts, quotations, invoices and communications are in one place. This means you don’t need a different platform for each of your businesses needs.

You can try our CRM along with all of our other tools for FREE today by signing up for our trial period. No credit card is needed and you have no obligation to carry on.


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