Marketing calendar & planner

Marketing calendar & planner

By Steven Bennett

If you manage marketing campaigns you need a plan. It’s as simple as that. Creating a marketing plan increase productivity, helps you generate ideas and gives your marketing campaigns and efforts more direction and focus.

With an endless amount of tasks related to marketing an organisation, it can be overwhelming what it is you need to spend time on next. This may result in a drop in enthusiasm, productivity and lead to procrastination. Spending the time to build and commit to a plan can help you form the good habits needed to push your marketing efforts and results to the next level.

Using a marketing calendar, timeline and task list you can plan your marketing campaigns ahead of time and never be left short. A plan means you can dedicate time to each stage of the marketing process. You know what day and time you need to be researching, which days you need to be finishing each task and which day you will be ready to launch your campaigns. By having a plan you can prepare weeks or months ahead. Allowing you to create timely campaigns, both online and offline, to get the best possible results from your efforts.

Simply put, creating a marketing plan is essential if you want to see results. Spending time to create a plan can help keep you focused, explore new ideas, stay productive and help you establish and maintain a healthy work-life balance whilst being optimally productive.

Marketing calendar tools

Our tools allow you to build and view your marketing plan in a way that suits you most.  Using groups, tasks, lists and jobs you can organise and set aside time for each stage of your marketing efforts whilst our timeline, list and calendar views mean you can see what it is you need to do in order to get the job complete.

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