Job & studio management tool

Job & studio management tool

By Steven Bennett

Our job and studio management tools help you organise your efforts, schedule appointments, manage your clients and break larger jobs and projects down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

It doesn't matter what profession you work in from photographers and architects through to carpenters and independent fashion designers. If you are a freelancer, self employed or own a small business, our set of tools can help you manage your jobs, appointments, studio and projects from anywhere.

Perfect for freelancers, small business owners, start-ups and self employed our essential tools can help you in areas from invoicing and quotations through to appointments, client management and service agreement contracts. Meaning you can manage your studio and organisation in one convenient place.

What is a studio management tool?

A studio management tool allows professionals such as designers and photographers to manage many aspects of their studio space. This could be sending and storing documents such as invoices, quotations and contracts, managing clients, leads and appointments, organising and managing projects and jobs and much more.

Using a studio management can help you be more productive, increase efficiency, be more reliable to clients and help you maintain a better work-life balance.

What if I don’t have a studio but I manage jobs and/or projects?

You don’t have to run a studio space to use Bloom Cube. If you deal with clients, use invoices and quotations, and need to organise jobs, tasks, projects and appointments our growing set of tools will help you operate more efficiently and effectively.

With all the essential tools in one place you can improve time management and the productivity of your business serving your customers better, working through projects more efficiently, spending less time on admin tasks and maintaining a much better work-life balance

If you would like to try our studio/job management tools for FREE you can do so by taking advantage of our trial period. Simply sign-up">sign up today and you can begin using our tools for a limited time with no credit card or commitments.

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