Workflows for your jobs & projects

Workflows for your jobs & projects

By Steven Bennett

Creating custom workflows is a great way of improving your efficiency and effectiveness when working on projects and jobs. Having a well defined workflow can help you save valuable time and improve your productivity as every job/project can be managed in a more efficient manner.

What are workflows?

A workflow is a defined set of tasks that you can use when working on a particular job or project. If you are working on a design, creating video, photographing  a wedding or working on another type of project. There is no doubt a workflow can be established that makes the whole process more efficient and effective.

Workflows for any situation

Bloom Cube allows you to create a number of workflows that you can use with your projects and jobs. Once a workflow is created you can quickly use it with a job, creating a scheduled task for each section. This allows you to define a template for each of your jobs so that each one is performed in an effective way. Benefitting yourself and your client.


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