How to make a quote - quotation creator

How to make a quote - quotation creator

By Steven Bennett

Making quotations is one of those essential business tasks that many of us would like to eradicate altogether or at least make less painful.

Many businesses depend on quotes and making them is often done within our unpaid hours. The worst thing is, unlike invoices, the time spent creating quotations may result in nothing if our client does not accept the quote or finds what they believe is a better deal elsewhere.

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As with my previous rant about making an invoice I always found creating quotes a burden when I first went self-employed. All I wanted to do was find and form good relationships with clients and commit all my efforts to the job that they needed me to do. Because of this, making quotations was often done out of work hours when I would rather be spending time with my family.

The worst part about dealing with quotations, apart from endless files on my hard drive and an unorganised sent folder in my email account, was the fact I couldn’t always access them easily if wasn’t near my computer.

Thankfully there is now a quick and easy way how to make a quote along with storing them in an accessible place and sending them to clients. This is where I introduce:

How to make a quote on Bloom Cube

Quotation number, reference and dates

The first thing we need to do when making a quotation is to enter our quotation number, reference and dates for our quotation. Quotation numbers automatically generate a number one higher than you previous quotation but can be changed if you need them to.

The quotation date is the date you wish to make the quotation valid from whilst the reference number is an optional value that allows you and/or your client to identify the quotations origin.

The “valid for” allows you to set how long the quote is valid for and is calculated automatically based upon the date and selection here.

Client information

Next, we need to select the client the quotation is for. Here we can select an existing client or create a new one. When creating a new client it is always advised you enter as many details you can about your client. However, the name, city and country are all that is required.

Products and services

Next, we need to enter the details of our product or service, to do so enter a description, quantity, value and tax information (If relevant) for each of the relevant products or services.

To speed up the creation of quotations you may find it helpful to add products or services to your account. Doing so will allow you to quickly select popular products and services rather than having to type them in each time. If you are entering a new product/service simply select add new product and enter a description.

You can add an extra product/service by clicking the "Add Another Item" button.

Shipping and Discounts

If a shipping charge is required enter a value in the shipping section. Shipping is not affected by taxes or discounts. Simply enter a zero if a shipping charge is not required.

If you want to give your client a discount that will be displayed on the invoice, enter the percentage of discount you would like to offer. Discounts will affect all of your products before tax and taxes will be recalculated bi they do not affect shipping charges. Enter zero if you do not want to give or display a discount on your invoice.

Payment details & Notes

You can add extra information to your quotations in the payment details and notes section. Payment details are instructions on how you prefer to be paid and notes are a way of adding extra  instructions, a thank you note or any other important information.

Quotation Status

Once you are happy with your quotation you can save it as a draft or a finalised quotation.

Saving your quotation as a draft simply saves your quotation in a state that can be edited later. It can't be turned into a PDF, downloaded or sent to a client but can be saved as a usable quotation at a later time when you are happy with it.

Creating a quotation takes the information you have entered and turns it into a finalised quotation. It cannot be edited any further but can be downloaded and/or sent to a client.

That’s how to make a quote

And that’s it. A quick and easy way to make quotations, saving you both time and money. Our quotation creator is part of our suite of business tools where you can manage your documents, clients, projects and other important aspects of your business. If you would like to try it for yourself, you can do so for free today.


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