Small business project management software

Small business project management software

By Steven Bennett

If you are a small business owner who works with clients, jobs and projects there is a high chance you will have experienced the challenges associated with organising and scheduling the individual tasks that make up a project or job.

Working on a single project can be difficult enough but if you are managing multiple projects at one given time, the increased complexity can make it very difficult to keep up with all the different jobs and tasks that require your attention. From document management through to organising your calendar and schedule, the management of a project without the right tools can become every increasingly difficult and complex.

A large number of tools we provide to small businesses are our project management tools. Designed specifically with small businesses, self-employed and freelancer in mind. Our aim has been to provide you with everything you need to grow your business efficiently and effectively.

But what about spreadsheets and post it notes?

For many small businesses, self-employed and freelancers the almighty spreadsheet is the first tool of choice for managing projects, but as most learn down the line the power of columns, cells and rows can only take you so far. Starting or moving over to Bloom Cube to manage your clients, jobs, projects, documents and more can improve efficiency and effectiveness whilst saving you time and money.

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Client satisfaction

Manging your time and projects affectively ensures you can provide the best possible service for your clients. Knowing what tasks need completing when makes life better for both you and your clients.

Anywhere and on any device

All of your documents, client information and projects can be accessed at any time from internet connected phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This allows you to quickly create and send documents and manage your projects from anywhere in the world.

No more rushing back to the office to check an invoice or see the progress of a job or project. All of your business information is ready for you when you need it.

Task automation

An ever-growing suite of tools that has been designed specifically for small business owners, self-employed and freelancers, our job and project management tools are perfect a wide range of professional industries from designers, illustrators and photographers through to consultants, architects and trades people.

Graphical overview of your projects and tasks

Our calendar, task group views and timeline provide you with the opportunity to view your projects in a way that suits you. Quickly interact and edit each aspect of your project and organise them in a way that suits you and your business.

Custom workflows

If you work on projects that involve the same tasks you can use our powerful workflow features. Set-up default workflows your way and quickly assign them to jobs and projects. Establish good practices in your projects and save time on repetitive tasks.

Client portal

Our client portal provides seamless interaction and communication with your contacts. Clients will be able to view and interact with documents, and if enabled, see the progress of the projects and tasks you provide them access to.

If you are a small business, self-employed or freelancer looking for a project management tool designed with you in mind try Bloom Cube for free today. No credit card, commitment or obligations required.

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