Customer relationship management - CRM software for small business

Customer relationship management - CRM software for small business

By Steven Bennett

When starting out in business many turn to spreadsheets, such as Excel, to manage their client and customer base. Although a cheap option, using a spreadsheet for your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can end up costing you both time and money the moment you begin dealing with even a moderate number of clients.

Spreadsheet alternatives for customer relationship management

Choosing software for you CRM activities early on can be extremely beneficial to your business. It is true that spreadsheets are okay at the basic level but if you want extra features in your CRM such as follow up reminders, document, job and project integration along with organised and easily accessible data it is best to choose a tool purpose built for the role of customer relationship management.

When we began looking for a CRM we found that some tools were free but inevitably opened us up to a sales team selling us the next package whilst others were considerably expensive if you are self-employed, a small business or a freelancer. Along with this, many tools focussed purely on CRM and seemed to be designed primarily for larger businesses that could afford to use a wide range of different tools for jobs such as document management, project management and customer relationship management.

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Our solution for a customer relationship management tool

As a small business that had experience in using spreadsheets for our customer relationship management and struggling to find a good alternative, we decided to create Bloom Cube. A full suite of tools, including CRM software, that is both affordable and built specifically for small business owners, freelancers and those who are self-employed.

With features such as task automation, document, project/job, appointment and lead management, Bloom Cube is designed to help you grow your business by giving you access to all of you customer, document and project information along with tips and advice all from your mobile/cell phone, tablet or PC.

Improve relationships with your customers

By using a CRM, you have a much better chance of improving communications with your client, increasing sales conversions and achieving a higher standard of customer satisfaction.

On top of this you can save your business time and money by automating tasks, scheduling reminders to chase or follow up with clients, using workflows in your process and by simply having the information you need regardless of where you are.

Leads and sales funnels

Using a customer relationship management tool isn’t just for existing clients. You can also use Bloom Cube for new leads and potential customers.

Our custom sales funnel and lead management tools allow you to register individuals and businesses that have the potential of being future clients. Assign tasks and appointments to your leads and use a pre-defined funnel to help move your potential customers through the steps of being a new lead through to a paying client

If you are a small business owner, freelancer or are self employed and would like to see how using Bloom Cube for your customer relationship management can save you both time and money, give it a try today on us with our free trial. No credit card is needed and you are under no obligations to stay if you don’t think our range of essential tools will help your business.

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