Remote working software - virtual teamwork

Remote working software - virtual teamwork

By Steven Bennett

Working remotely was once something many of us could only dream of. The opportunity to avoid early morning commutes and afternoon rush hour seemed a remote idea within itself. Thankfully, advancements in technology, and an attitude shift of company owners, has now made remote working a reality for many.

The biggest issue with remote working has always been collaboration and the ability for teams to work at a level that matches that of the physical office. Sure, for many years we have had the ability to email spreadsheets and word documents back and forth, and in more recent years use online word processing tools, calendars and storage space for teamwork. The problem is, all of these solutions seem to feel a little disconnected and clunky.

Thankfully, all of this has changed due to the possibilities of online central work spaces. Using software and apps specifically designed for remote working teams are now able to collaborate on projects, jobs, clients, leads and document management in one convenient workplace whilst sitting in different corners of the world.

Does remote working actually work?

In a nutshell yes, however as with many things there are a few caveats the employer and individual should consider. These include productivity, psychological health and self-discipline. For an in-depth look into how working remotely affects these issues check out this article from the Harvard Business review.

The biggest contributors to the success of remote working are organisation and communication. Without these there is the potential for jobs/projects to lose direction, efficiency and focus to slacken and for teams to lose the magical thread that once bound them together. This is why a system and standards need to be implemented if you are going to see any success with remote working.

On the positive side, there are many benefits to remote working that can actually increase productivity. The ability to avoid the dreaded commute and distractions in the office can actually have a positive effect on work output, happiness and efficieny with remote employees working on average and extra 1.4 days per month over their office bound counterparts.

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What else can be done with remote working software?

There are many jobs that simply can’t be done remotely, these include hands on roles such as construction and retail. However, if you work in a sector that is primarily desk/office/field based such as design, communications, marketing, admin or even sales, working from home may be ideal.

Campaign management, client management, invoicing, quotations, contracts, lead management, sales and many more duties can be performed in an app or software designed for remote working.  A single digital workspace which removes the need for jumping between different, disconnected platforms.

What are the other benefits of remote working and virtual teamwork?

Remote working can also provide many benefits to the employer. The potential of reducing office space, energy consumption and other expenses could be huge for many businesses, potentially saving them thousands of (insert your currency here) a year. Pairing this with the increase in productivity mentioned above, your business could benefit considerably from the implementation of remote working and virtual teamwork.

Remote working software/app

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