5 highly recommended books for entrepreneurs

5 highly recommended books for entrepreneurs

By Steven Bennett

Entrepreneurship is often projected as a glamourous way of life. City view offices, an orange Lamborghini, huge houses and glass cases housing expensive watches being the typical things associated with the lifestyle. This illusion has been the calling card for many that get caught up in the idea. This distorted view can lead many to chase the dream through get rich quick schemes and expensive courses whilst others waste years missing the opportunities of a “regular career” waiting for that one idea that’s going to change their lives.

The truth is, being an entrepreneur and starting a business is tough and participating in the entrepreneur game is guaranteed to put you on a roller-coaster of emotions. From fear and doubt through to excitement and immense joy, you are going to experience things you will never experience in a cushy 9 to 5.

One of the first things you’re going to need to keep a check on is your own attitude, beliefs and expectations. Entrepreneurship is not just about business. It involves tenacity, intelligence, people skills, strategy, self-confidence, being realistic, dreaming big, working hard, knowing when to ignore and listen to others along with many other traits that you would never normally deal with. It’s confusing as hell and not for the light-hearted.

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Although experience is one of the biggest factors of being a successful entrepreneur it is always advised that you avoid costly mistakes by learning from the experience, mistakes and knowledge of those that came before you. This is why we recommend you shut the laptop lid, find a cosy little corner and get stuck into these 5 highly recommended books for entrepreneurs.

The lean startup

The lean startup - Eric Ries

A highly recommended book for anyone who is starting, or considering starting a business. The lean startup gets you to the core of bringing a new business to market, providing valuable insights into getting started, how to focus on your customer’s needs, how we should continually check our vision and when we should push forward or change our direction.

primal branding

Primal branding - Patrick Hanlon

Many people think of branding as simply choosing a logo and colour scheme for your business. Primal branding takes you deep into the subject of branding providing you with insight on how to turn customers in to brand ambassadors. Essential reading in a world where competition is around every corner.

differentiate or die

Differentiate or Die - Jack Trout

With a large number of new businesses copying the model of others and offering little difference in their products and services, many open their doors only to find out their customer base has moved on or committed their loyalty elsewhere. Differentiate or die is a great reference for getting you to think about your business, and the services it offers, in a new way. Advice that can make the difference between great success and catastrophic failure.

1 page marketing plan

The 1-page marketing plan - Allan Dib

Marketing can be a daunting subject. With countless technologies and services available and the sometimes-conflicting world of old and new, modern day marketing can be a serious challenge. What, where and how should we be focusing our efforts? The 1-page marketing plan is a great book for helping you simplify your marketing efforts and keep your focus on the things that serve you best.

friend of a friend

Friend of a friend - David Burkus

Two valuable skills that entrepreneurs should maintain are networking and people skills. Essential for spreading the word, turning strangers into customers and finding the right people to work with. How to make friends and influence people was nearly here but this relatively hidden gem definitely deserves the spot. Perfect for anyone who wants to improve their networking skills and leverage the power they already have in their existing network.

More books recommended for entrepreneurs

As an added bonus there are two books I would like to mention, not based on my opinion (I haven't  read them yet), but on the recommendation of close friends. The first is Unscripted by M. J DeMarco and the second is Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Both books are about observing and adjusting your own attitude for success. The first covers how we develop "scripts"  over time and how they hold us back where as the second looks into how your attitude towards money can have a big impact on how successful you are financially. As mentioned both come highly recommended so please check them out.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 5 highly recommended books for entrepreneurs. Of course, there are many other great books out there for entrepreneurs but the ones in this list have been especially useful in my journey.

If you would like us to compile another list of books recommend for entrepreneurs or if you have your own recommendation please let us know and if you don’t want to miss our future posts make sure you sign-up">sign up to our newsletter below.

Thanks for reading.

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