Studio management software for photographers

Studio management software for photographers

By Steven Bennett

Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned pro you are sure to know that running a photography business isn’t always easy. Just focusing on the actual photography side of thing can be exhausting enough never mind dealing with all of the other essential tasks. From gathering and managing leads to sending out quotations, contracts and invoices, the duties involved with running a successful photography business can quickly become overwhelming if tools such as studio management software aren’t used.

Why use studio management software?

When starting off, studio management tends to be achieved with a spreadsheet and a fresh packet of post it notes. Whilst invoices, quotations and contracts are often copied and pasted back and forth with a quick change of the date and customer name. Although this may work for a while, it is only a matter of time that finding, creating and dealing with your customers information becomes a total headache.

Studio management software helps you organise your photography business by giving you a centralised location to manage a wide range of tasks, all of which are stored and made accessible from one convenient place.

Studio management software can actually be one of the best investments you can make for your photography business. It can improve the relationships you have with your customers, can help you convert leads into clients and frees up valuable time to allow you to do the things you love the most.

What does studio management software do?

Studio management software like Bloom Cube can help you manage, and even automate, a wide range of tasks that take place in your business. Making things run more effectively and efficiently. A brief overview of some of the tools available include:

Invoicing, quotations and contracts

Studio management software, like Bloom Cube, can help you create, manage, send and store your invoices, quotations and contracts in one convenient place that can be accessed from any internet connected device.

They can be sent to clients who can use the client portal to view and download their documents and can also be automated to send repeat invoices on a custom schedule. Along with this, contracts and quotations can be accepted and signed online making your document management easy.

Customer management

A good studio management solution also provides tools for managing your customers. Commonly named a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), this tool can help you keep track of your customers information, their activity and a history of the work you have already done for them.

A good CRM also allows you to manage leads and prospects using pipelines and funnels to convert them from potential customers to paying ones.

Sales funnels

A sales funnel is a great way of tracking and managing your leads and prospects. Comprising of a series of steps, a sales funnel can be thought of as a reusable template that defining what actions need to be taken in order to convert a lead into a job booking.

Embeddable forms for lead generation

Studio management software can also provide you with the ability to create custom forms that can be embedded onto your website, or hosted on a platform like Bloom Cube, to provide customers with a way to contact you and enquire about your services. Once completed by a visitor the information inputted is automatically inserted into your lead management tool to be accessed and acted upon by you and your team.

Surveys and feedback forms

Feedback and data from your clients are essential for growing a business. With our survey tool you can create feedback forms and/or information gathering campaigns to help you collate the information needed to base your future marketing and business activities around the needs of your clients.

Job and project management

Job and project management tools can truly revolutionise your productivity and the efficiency of your photography jobs. By breaking your projects into smaller tasks and using customisable workflows each of your jobs, and the tasks within can be viewed in Gantt chart, calendar and check list formats.

When used correctly job and project management tools can make even the most complex jobs feel like a walk in the park.


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Team management and internal communications

Do you work with team members? Team management tools can help you manage your team, delegate tasks and keep everybody informed about important events. Perfect for teams of two or twenty you will always know where everyone should be and what tasks need to be completed.

Want to see how studio management software can help your business?

As you can see, studio management software can be a great asset to your photography business. It can save you time, prevent hiccups and provide you with access to all the information you will need on your current and past business activities.

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