CRM for small business UK

CRM for small business UK

By Steven Bennett

I was recently chatting to an old client of mine that had once made himself a considerable amount of money in the seventies and eighties. Starting off in a shed at the bottom of his garden, he managed to build a mini empire in the North of England selling used cars and any unique number plates that he found on them. This, in his words, was years before private registration plates had become a big thing.

We chatted for a short while before he asked what I was doing these days, I replied “Working on a CRM for small UK businesses”. After a blank stare he nodded and said “very good” before we wrapped up the conversion and parted ways.

Later that evening I received a message from my old client asking if he could see my website. I replied to him swiftly with the URL and thought no more of it. About an hour later I received another message asking what a CRM was. This was understandable as he hadn’t been in business for quite some time but it did get me thinking, what the hell did he use to manage the thousands of customers that he had conducted business with over the years?

The modern CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool

We don’t know how lucky we are these days. Gone are the days of filing cabinets towering to the ceiling, rooms full of carbon copy invoice books and desks full of forgotten paperwork. Even revolutionary technology such as the floppy disk are behind us now.

Yes, there are still those of out there devoting their time to the beloved spreadsheet, but even those loyalists are turning their back on the endless number of rows and columns.

Today, we are able to store thousands of records on a computer hundreds of miles away and gain access to all of that information from a device that fits neatly in our pocket. Information that used to take up six rooms filled floor to ceiling with ageing archive boxes can now be stored on a chip far smaller than a postage stamp.

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Why Bloom Cube was created

I am slightly ashamed to say it, but it wasn’t that long ago that I was using spreadsheets to run my freelance business. I can justify it by saying I knew no better having only just ventured into the freelance game.  It didn’t however take long before I could see this getting out of hand.

This is why I decided to create Bloom Cube. An affordable set of tools designed specifically with freelancers and small businesses in mind.

As a tool Bloom Cube allows you to manage many aspects of your business in one convenient location. From job, client and project management through to invoicing, contracts and quotations.

It has a CRM built into its core, for managing your growing list of customers, and provides tools for gathering, managing and converting your prospects and leads into paying clients. It also provides you with calendars, Gantt charts and list views for seeing your information in a visual format.

It’s the equivalent of taking your office and business information with you, wherever you go, without the risk of losing it.

An affordable CRM for small UK businesses

We all know that managing our customers and the jobs they give is the most important thing we can do as small business owners. This is why investing into a CRM is a good idea.

The problem that I found was, many of the good CRMs available are built for bigger businesses and have a price tag to match. While those that were free always resulting in me being bombard by calls from sale reps trying to upsell me to the next level.

This was why I built Bloom Cube, an affordable CRM and business management system that allows freelancers and small businesses to manage their businesses in the same way a larger company would. Saving you time and money, allowing you to provide better services and giving you more time to do the things that you love.

So, if you are looking for a way to manage your clients, improve efficiency and save money give Bloom Cube a try today. We offer a no obligation free trial and will never bombard you with calls or emails trying to sell you the next fancy add on. Its a CRM built for small businesses by a small business.

By the way, I did find out how my old client used to manage is customers. In is words “two drawers full of battered Rolodexes”.


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