Finding a niche for your business

Find the perfect niche for your business

When beginning your journey as a small business owner it's often tempting to try and do everything for everyone. The truth is it's far more beneficial to focus on a specific niche.

This quick and easy tool will guide you through the steps of choosing a business niche and help you to start thinking more about the business opportunities in your industry, if they are profitable and how satisfying they would be for you.

Remember, a Jack of all trades is a master of none.

The costly mistake of not choosing a niche

The most common mistake made by start-ups, small business owners and freelancers is to try and provide every service they can. Due to the fear of missing out, this desire to please and serve everyone with the hope of making more profit can actually be damaging to your business in more ways than one.

By trying to appeal to everyone you spread your advertising budgets to thin and lose potential customers due to your unfocussed message. Put yourself in the customers shoes, if you are about to get married and are actively seeking for a photographer for your upcoming wedding set in the beautiful hills of Naples, whilst researching you find two advertisements, one displaying a portfolio of beautiful weddings from a specialised wedding photographer and another showing a few wedding snaps that are nestled between photos of classic cars, landscapes and kingfishers. Which one would you trust and choose to capture the people you love and the wallet busting venue on your special day?

Your niche and your brand

Choosing and dominating a niche allows you to build a reputation that gets people talking about you and share sharing your brand with their friends. It can lower you advertising costs and, overtime, give you the experience that can take you to the next level.

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